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We at IIMT seek to achieve excellence bearing in mind the need to maintain individuals identity each and every child understand our care is helped to developed his/her fullest potential without constraining his / her inherent abilities keeping with our countries lofty’s, idea’s, and values. We inculcate in our students a sense of national ability, integrity, love and universal brotherhood and the child is hereby prepared to meet the challenge of lives.

In these days of intense competition, education is one of the major aspects where special pressure is placed, be it star achievements in all facts of school’s life, be it academics, cultural activities or games/sports. These children are urged to work hard and complete relentlessly.

Dear parents, here is a word of caution please do not compare your child’s performance with his classmates.He is God’s unique creation for his all round healthy development, bear in mind his capabilities, simple desire before setting life goals.

We owe it to our society , our country and to the world’s at large.We mould these young impressionable minds into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Looking forward to your kind co-operation in this joint endeavour.