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  • Address : Kila Road, Meerut


  • Apart from class room teaching of modern techniques which includes electronicMedia, computer, internet and education, CDS are used for that learning by seeing Playing and implementing, provide a balanced mode of practical impression and Theroretical knowledge. The kinder garden section little tiny lots aged 2-1/2 years to 5-1/2 years come under the kg section.

  • The base/foundation of the child’s becomes strong, play-way method helps the child to learn and grow and to develop his diffrents skills, teaching aids along with day to day’s Life’s activities are involved, as we all know 90% of child’s brain develops till the age of 5, so it our duty to utilize brain and mould them into a strong personality.

  • From class I to VI, the syllabus is strictly according to C.B.S.E norms.

  • Yearly four unit tests.

  • Yearly two terms.