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  Faculty and Staff

IIMT Academy boasts of having some of the best teachers in the city. Expert teachers help in giving a good background to the students by simplifying the language to teach the various concepts that are being taught to the students, The teachers hold appropriate degrees as stipulated by the government and affiliating board. Most teachers have 10+ years of teaching experiance.

Student-Teacher ratio is maintained in such a manner so that each student gets time to clarify his/her doubts.

Our teachers are passionate about their work and encourage the students to follow their passion and to be bold and confident.

When asked to name the teachers who have had the greatest positive impact on us, we tend to name those who were warm, energetic, enthusiastic, organized, impartial, and competent in their field. Expert teachers employ all of these traits, and, as the text states, are "experienced" and "effective" and have "developed solutions for common classroom problems"

When students are essentially in control of their learning, they can better set goals for themselves, and take pride in their finished product. However, some students still need that extra push of encouragement, and that is when parents are informed. Expert teachers take into consideration "settings in which students learn"