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Admission Procedure


  Admission Procedure


  1. Regular admission will be accepted only at the start of the new session. The (students seeking admission to class Pre-Nursery, and Nursery must have attained the age of 3 years on April 1, and corresponding age may be calculated for other classes.

  2. There is no formal Admission/ Entrance Test for Classes Pre-Nursery & Nursery, but students seeking admission in classes K.G and above will have to take a written test. Only those students, who clear the written tests, are granted admission in school.Registration for admission to all the classes is open from the month of November every year. This follows formal and informal interaction with the child to judge his/her knowledge and awareness of the class standard and names are cleared for admission by 28th February.

  3. Registration does not mean a guarantee for admission.

  4. The subject in which the student is required to appear for entrance test is English, General Science, E.V.S. and Maths.

  5. Rules & regulations are subject to change at the discretion of Head/ Principal. The admission of a child means acceptance of the rules of the school by the parent/guardian, and the school reserves the right to admit a child in the class if he/she is fit for the same depending upon the number of vacancies.

  6. An application for admission must accompany photocopies of Birth Certificate from Municipal Board, copy of the report card, Transfer certificate from the last institution, and fee slip of the previous class in original.

  7. All dues have to be cleared before the T.C is issued. In respect of withdrawals in April/May, the fee for June will also be charged. Those who leave school in May must pay the fees for May & June. Those who leave in November should pay the fees for December also. Those who leave in February must pay fee for March.